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Forty Degrees endeavour to achieve excellence when it comes to construction. We have an internal training system in place, which ensures a consistent high level of quality across all the various trades within the company. Each employee's task - from labourer to artisan and manager - is clearly defined. Employees are held accountable for their actions and progress, and each trade ensures their job is correct. This avoids unnecessary duplication of work and minimises snagging. A dedicated team of contract managers oversee the daily activities on each site.

We use top-quality materials and equipment, the most up to date construction techniques, and keep abreast of technical innovations and improvements to ensure first-class workmanship. New building products that require staff training receive needed on site training as part of our ongoing development. An outside Health & Safety consultant arranges regular meetings for all staff to update us on AIDS, Health & Safety, Law, First Aid etc

All subcontractors are strictly vetted and controlled by our foremen when on site. A detailed pre order meeting is conducted ensuring subcontractors meet regulatory bodies Health & Safety standards. An induction is carried out with each workman ensuring that safety and construction standards are maintained at all times.

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